The Edmonton Aboriginal Gathering and Dialogue

According to the 2006 Census, approximately 63% of Aboriginal people in Alberta live in urban areas. Edmonton, with 52,105 Aboriginal people, has the second largest Aboriginal population of any city in Canada. The urban Aboriginal population of Alberta is considerably younger than that of the rest of the population. Almost half of the urban Aboriginal population was under the age of 25 years, compared to one-third of the non-Aboriginal population. As in the rest of the province, disparities exist in the socio-economic characteristics of urban Aboriginal people and those of non-Aboriginal people. There is considerable diversity in the socio-economic circumstances of Aboriginal people, ranging from successful professionals and entrepreneurs to the homeless.

On February 7, 2012, the Government of Alberta, City of Edmonton and the Government of Canada hosted the Edmonton Aboriginal Gathering and Dialogue.

This Dialogue brought together a community of organizations, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, to renew efforts to improve the quality of life for Aboriginal people in Edmonton and offered the opportunity for organizations to deepen relationships and partnerships. The Dialogue was not intended to be a consultation but rather a conversation of those serving the urban Aboriginal community.

To find out more about the outcome of our Dialogue, please view the What We Heard  document. This document represents the views and voices of those participating in the discussion.

Background Documents

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