Metis Week

Metis Week, held in November (Edmonton and Red Deer Nov. 9-16, Calgary Nov. 17-22), marks the annual celebration of Metis people, their culture and their contributions. Events are held in Alberta and across the country, including special events to commemorate the November 16th anniversary of Louis Riel's death.

To take part in events happening in Alberta, check out our list of events: 2014 Metis Week in Alberta

Leading the Way: Aboriginal People Today

Interactive Online Map

To help promote a greater understanding of Aboriginal peoples in Alberta, the Aboriginal Relations website features an interactive community profiles map, which provides users with basic information on all eight Metis Settlements and 48 First Nations in the province, including location, population, linguistic groups, and tribal affiliation.

Aboriginal Facts & Stats

Aboriginal Words and Phrases

Did You Know?

  • Alberta is home to the third largest Aboriginal population in Canada.
  • Edmonton is home to 61,765 Aboriginal people, and Calgary is home to 33,375.
  • 118,164 First Nations people live in Alberta, representing 14 per cent of all First Nations people in Canada.
  • Alberta is home to 96,865 Metis people, the largest Metis population in Canada.
  • There are 1,985 Inuit people living in Alberta.

Provincial publication offers information about Aboriginal people

The intent of this publication is to help Albertans gain awareness and understanding of Aboriginal people in the province.


Northern Alberta Development Council

The Northern Alberta Development Council champions the cause of Alberta's northern economies and communities by exploring opportunities for growth, and developing programs and services to facilitate this growth.

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